Center of Strategic Studies

For Humanitarian Diplomacy

A research institution concerned with peace strategies and means of achieving justice, by spreading human awareness about democracy, consolidating concepts of citizenship, developing mechanisms for expressing opinion, enhancing civil society performance, respecting human rights, in order to contribute to the formation of public opinion and build safe spaces.

Empowering women and promoting equality between them and men, presenting studies to solve social problems, and spreading economic development awareness among the peoples of poor countries, on the basis that performing duties is the way to obtain rights, increase rapprochement and understanding and open channels of communication between peoples to achieve Everyone's interests.

We are interested in developing humanitarian diplomacy, by presenting creative ideas, effective and bold steps in the field of conflict and crisis management, managing public relations between institutions, groups and individuals, and managing the cultural and political dialogues necessary for this, relying on this on the basis of the third alternative that achieves the interests of all.

We seek to find effective solutions to the various problems faced by the countries and peoples of the region, by identifying their real needs and ways to meet them at the optimum cost, addressing migration issues and the problems resulting from it, and demonstrating how to achieve higher levels of integration in the countries of emigration.

Our Mission


Submit periodic reports that address emerging trends and issues in the region.


Provide advice and creative solutions in the areas of conflict resolution and peace building.


Build information bases that support the processes of response and decision-making to issues of change in the Middle East.


Develop methods of humanitarian diplomacy and its applications, advocating for the issues of the oppressed and those of permanent human suffering.


Train experts and qualify local cadres by providing them with the necessary capabilities and skills within Individual and institutional change processes.


Develop public awareness, promote rational social values, and support the process of building a civic culture among people, using the latest modern communication methods.


Provide critical analysis and monitoring reports, evaluate public policies, conduct researches, support operations and applications of governance, confronting  the challenges that face the region.


Pioneering fields of research, analysis and foresight at regional and international levels, by giving governance to the response and decision-making processes in the fields of diplomacy, peace building, good governance, capacity development and policy development, all in contribution to support the process of change in the Middle East region.

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